Student Tenants

Are you a student looking for a house or an apartment?

We have a wide range of quality accommodation available. All you need to do is, view it, love it, reserve it, sign it and live in it!

Looking for accommodation?

Are you a student looking for a house or an apartment? We have a wide range of quality accommodation available. All you need to do is, view it, love it, reserve it, sign it and live in it!

At Golding we believe students deserve a better place to live with friends, to make a home together, because dormitories and the bleak corridors of halls of residence don’t make for good communities. We provide everything you need to get on with living and studying.

The majority of our apartments and houses have double bedrooms, are equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi, feature modern fitted kitchens with large fridge freezers, ensuring enough space for everyone and offer the added benefit of utility bills included, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Find a property

Start the search for your new home by browsing through our listings and select some properties that appeal to you. Call our customer service representatives and arrange a viewing with a student letting advisor, who will accompany you in your journey, as you decide which property to select for your student home.


When you find a property that you wish to let, we will provide you with a “Lettings Declaration of Offer” form to complete. As a tenant you are liable to pay fees in the setting up of the letting that includes documentation charges, referencing and identification fees, inventory and check-in and check-out charges.

The Facts about Your Deposit

Your deposit is due when you sign the agreement. It is illegal for a landlord or agency to hold your money without registering it into a tenancy protection. This means that your money is held by an external and regulated body who are compelled by law to protect it, your landlord can’t spend it or touch it during your tenancy.  At Goldings we do not hold your money, this will be forwarded to the DPS (The Deposit Protection Service) who will retain the deposit until both parties agree how this will be distributed.

You will receive notification within 10 days after you check-out, once the checkout process is completed. This includes an inspection with your check-in inventory that should be issued when you move in.  Make sure you receive a copy of the check-in inventory for your records because, if there is no check-in inventory the landlord cannot legally take anything from your deposit.

We want everyone to get their full deposit back, so let us work together in order that we can ensure your deposit is not only safe, but returned to you on your departure.

Most Common Reasons to Lose Your Deposit

Inadequate cleaning is the biggest factor in losing your deposit. Nobody expects you and your friends to be professional cleaners, but you must make the effort to do a deep clean. Commonly missed areas include, ovens, grills, fridges, washing machine filters and gardens. Pop some music on and get down and dirty cleaning with your flat mates- it’s worth it!

People Leave on Different Days. We realize that different courses have different end dates and is an unavoidable issue. We recommend reviewing a calendar together and mark when people are due to leave to conduct your household deep clean. This will ensure that even if you are the last person to depart, it should require a much easier and quicker once over before you go.

Wear and Tear. If you have been sharing a house with five other people for a year it’s likely that there will be superficial wear on the property. We recognize that a mark or two here or there is fair usage of the furniture and we operate a policy of fairness for both landlords and students when considering and assessing wear and tear.

Paying Rent.

It is important to work out your student budget before you start your studies. We recommend that you double check when you are likely to receive your funding and how long it is intended to cover. Student funding can be paid termly e.g. a maintenance loan or monthly such as NHS funding. You may receive it during the standard academic year of ten months (September to June) or over a calendar year (12 months), whereas sponsorship or family contributions can be paid annually or irregularly. Most contracts will require that the rent is paid monthly via standing order.

Reporting Repairs

Golding offer a 24/7 emergency maintenance call out service to report emergency repairs that cannot wait until the next day. We pride ourselves on having a responsive and fully competent in-house repairs team.

It is important that you report all repairs required as soon as they are detected, even if they are minor. Reporting necessary repairs is a condition of your tenancy. If you don’t report repairs when they are needed, a small problem could get worse and cost your landlord and ultimately you more for failure to do so. Problems with repairs or conditions in your home could also harm your health.

Examples of hazards that require reporting include but are not limited to the following

  • Exposed wiring or overloaded electrical sockets
  • Dangerous or broken boiler
  • Bedrooms that are very cold
  • Leaking Roof
  • Mould on the walls or ceiling
  • Rats or other pest or vermin infestation
  • Broken steps or stairs
  • Lack of security due to badly-fitting external doors or problems with locks.

When reporting out of hours emergency repairs please ensure it is not an issue that can be reported during normal business hours as abuse of the emergency repairs line can result in charges being incurred.

To report your emergency please contact us on 0151 541 1090

Summer Retainers

Some landlords require a retainer to cover the property over the summer months, it is normally for half the rent and it does not allow you to live in or enjoy full occupancy of the property. Only if you pay full rent are you entitled to stay in the property.

End of Tenancy Details

You are entitled to receive your deposit back within ten working days of your check-out inspection. This inspection works in accordance to your check-in inventory, which occurred when you moved in.

You can arrange a viewing by calling us on 0151 227 1199

You will then meet with one of our local reps outside of the property at a time that best suits you.