Complaints Procedure

Golding Estates are committed to providing a high-level service to our customers. If you do not receive satisfaction from us, we need you to tell us about it. This will help us to improve our standards.

To encourage this, we have set a procedure for Complaints, so that you know the route to making your comments known and how we will receive this information and then respond.

  • Please always put you concerns to us in writing at: Golding Estates, 62 Castle Street, Liverpool, L2 7LQ or email: directors@goldingestates.co.uk
  • When a complaint of any sort is received, we will record it for our information. You will receive an acknowledgement of your complaint within 3 working days by email/writing or by phone. This will act almost as a receipt
  • It may take time to investigate your complaint. If so, then please be assured that your complaint is in hand, and you will receive our comments and understanding of the situation normally within 14 days. Occasionally we will require advice from a third party. If we require additional time, we will notify you of this accordingly.
  • You will then be invited to a meeting in our offices to discuss and hopefully resolve your complaint
  • If you do not want to discuss the matter face to face, we will send you a detailed reply to your complaint. This will include our suggestions for resolving the matter if applicable or our final viewpoint of the complaint.
  • If we must change any of the time scales above, as stated we will let you know and explain why and when you should expect a response. If you are still dissatisfied, the complaint can be referred to our Ombudsman. However, any such referral must be made within six months of our final view. Complaints can be made to:

Property Redress Scheme

1 st Floor Premiere House

Elstree Way



Tel: 0333 321 9418


A complaint need not destroy or even degrade a relationship if dealt with correctly. In fact, statistics state that if a complaint is given the right attention, the relationship is strengthened. Therefore, it is essential that we make our policy of on-going improvement clear so that you, as a customer, can see your comments as a means of assisting the progression of our service. Thank you.